Avior Executive Search Thoughts, Comments, Most Pressing Search Assignments, and Happenings

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Avior Executive Search Thoughts, Comments,
Most Pressing Search Assignments, and Happenings

Hello everyone! I apologize for missing the writing of our monthly newsletter for the past few months; I promise to be more diligent and honor the resolution I made for 2022. There is a lot going on in the world right now, both in the wealth industry as well as surrounding the sobering events unfolding in Ukraine. On a lighter note, I want to acknowledge that in May we welcome the nicer weather, especially for us that are based on the east coast. Also, I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day and send a big congratulations to those graduating this month as well.

On February 5th, I celebrated my 33rd year in the executive search industry, the arena in which I have chosen to “steer myself”. It’s amazing to look back at my beginnings when there was no email, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The available avenues of communication since I started have increased greatly; so many things have changed but, in many ways, so many things have stayed the same. The opportunities to share information with a wider group of individuals seem endless; however, I still prefer good, old-fashioned one-to-one contact.

One of the reasons that I was unable to write a newsletter the past few months is that we have been a bit overwhelmed with engaged assignments and some system implementations to keep pace, or at least try to.

What we have seen during the first quarter is the continued growth we experienced last year – and it has gotten even hotter. The hunt for talent, as well as for individuals and teams looking for their next step, is alive and well. This reflects the great resignation we are seeing in the job market in general. Now more than ever, it is not just a sellers’ market for those specifically involved in asset gathering/revenue generation and client retention. Several clients with whom we work with are finally realizing that they can no longer take their time during a search process. In a way, it mirrors the competition within the housing and car sales markets; both are seeing a shortage of inventory and, as a result, demand is overwhelming, and consumers are making purchases as quickly as possible. This immediate response in sales coupled with ever-increasing inflation not only indicates an uptick in compensation and bonus levels, but also demonstrates the need for firms to present a compelling plan to attract and retain talent. We are seeing two of the most prestigious brands in the wealth industry – Citibank and JP Morgan -struggle in their efforts to retain talent. For private bankers, they now realize that the RIA and multifamily office platform can offer a truly holistic platform for their clients; in short, the bloom is off the rose as far as only focusing on big, brand-named banks. To be fair, there will always be a segment of clients that will want to bank with brand names. However, compared to just 5 years ago, we have seen a 45% increase in our clientele of RIA’s/ MFO’s. Numbers don’t lie.

Alan Goldstein
President, Avior Search

President of Avior Executive Search
– A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Alan Goldstein, Featured in Citywire, Recruitment Wars: How RIAs Are Shaking Up the Battle For Miami’s Advisor Talent

Plano, TX 2/15/2022

Miami’s international wealth management market has been a hotbed of recruitment activity over the past year.
While a good part of this activity was driven by Wells Fargo’s exit from the international advisory industry, the hiring frenzy highlighted a growing trend of advisors in Miami opting to join RIAs over wirehouses. However, trading off a salary and full employment benefits for partnership in a firm presents some inherent level of risk, according to Alan Goldstein, president of Avior Executive Search, who pointed out that consolidation in the RIA space could present issues. Read full article here.

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Pressing Search Assignments

Senior Relationship Manager/Private Banker

  • The Senior Relationship Manager must have a personal minimum portfolio of 200M+ which they have personally built
  • Proven track record within the South Florida business & HNW community with strong centers of influence (COI’s) to build own book of business
  • Coordinate all required relevant work with third party providers (i.e. law firms, accountants, family governance and philanthropy advisors, private equity firms, custodian banks, and others)
  • Demonstrated high level of expertise in sales, networking, negotiations, community, and relationship building and execution of responsibilities
  • Superior quantitative and analytical skills. Outstanding organizational skills. Proficient interpersonal communication, writing and presentations skills
  • Proven track record within the South Florida business & HNW community with strong centers of influence (COI’s) to build own book of business
  • Fluency in Spanish is preferred
  • Location: Miami

Executive Level Relationship Directors UHNW (Equity Level Opportunity)

  • Our client is a niche multi-family office catering to the mega wealthy UHNW clientele on a global scale.
  • The location of your current clientele is irrelevant, the relevancy is that YOU must be the trusted advisor of the relationship to the clients that you serve. This is truly a unique opportunity, and you must come from a tier 1 private bank, RIA, or Family Office.
  • Location: Global Locations – Monaco, London, New York, Zurich, Singapore

Senior International Relationship Manager or Banker

  • Our client is seeking a senior relationship manager or senior private banker who has active portable portfolio of private wealth clients in excess of 100M USD
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 7 years of experience as a private banker or relationship manager
  • The Relationship Manager can come from different markets such as Asia, Latam, Europe, Caribbean, UAE, or Israel
  • Strong business development skills and acumen a must
  • Clients booking center are in Switzerland or Bahamas
  • Relocation package available
  • Individual producers and/or teams welcome
  • Location: Bahamas

Senior Relationship Manager

  • The principal role of the Senior Relationship Manager is to develop new clients by cultivating their personal and professional networks and leveraging relationships with centers of influence (COI’s). In addition, the position also is responsible for maintaining close, ongoing relationships with existing clients.
  • The SRM works closely with HNW/UHNW clients with complex investment needs. Most successful advisors tend to focus their practices around their passions and as a result work with entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit organizations, professional athletes, global families, artists, and collectors
  • Proven ability to build and maintain relationships with centers of influence such as attorneys, accountants, and business advisors
  • Experience advising and being regarded as a trusted advisor, not only with financial decisions but for meaningful life and business decisions
  • A minimum of seven years of relevant work experience in finance, legal/trust, real estate, philanthropy, fundraising, auction/fine art, entertainment, sales, entrepreneurship, or private wealth management
  • Location: Nationwide – New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Diego & San Francisco

Financial Advisors

  • Minimum T-12’s 400K average is 1M and above.
  • We work with All major wirehouses, Independents, RIA’s for both onshore and offshore advisors.
  • Location: Nationwide

Portfolio Manager – Portuguese Speaking Position – Mid-Level

  • Proactive trading advisory with a focus in EM and HY bonds
  • Execution of client orders and general investment/sales support
  • BA/ MSc in Finance, Economic or Business Administration
  • CFA, CAIA a strong plus
  • Fluence in Portuguese a MUST!
  • Location: Miami

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