An international wealth management recruiter can mean the difference between landing a job and remaining a faceless application in the rejection pile at a top firm. Wealth management recruiters know exactly what to say to help someone land the perfect job but having the story of your past and why you want the role gives them more to work with. Tell your story to a recruiter and that recruiter will take it a step further and help turn that story into a career.

Storytelling and emotional attachment are a part of human nature. This is true even in the wealth management industry. Great recruiters can take your story through their vast network of clients and find one that is an excellent fit for you.

Here’s why you need an international wealth management recruiter to help tell your story:

They Will Lay the Perfect Foundation 

You don’t have to come to the recruiter with your life story mapped out to perfectly digestible scenes, but there are a few things that are helpful to think about when articulating your narrative:

– Understanding why you are in wealth management

– Noting where your passions have taken you in life

– Drawing the bridge between your experience and growth

Deciding on three memorable ideas or events is recommended because people often remember things in groups of three. You also want to pick answers that make you as you as possible because, as Harvard Business Review put it, “You don’t want to seem like a cookie-cutter applicant. You want to seem like a real human.”

Wealth Management Recruiters Connect the Dots 

Grabbing attention early is a key strength of any storyteller, and a good wealth management recruiter will use the power of connecting the dots to do just that. They will figure out how to make your story stand out to a company by showing how your unique values, experience, and skills are a great fit for the role.

This mixture of personal and business gives the firm something to connect to and help them remember your statistics. Numbers tend to get lost in the spam files of a person’s brain, but the story is the glue that gets it to stick.

Taking a great story and mixing it with proper storytelling and a vast network is why you need an international wealth management recruiter to help market you to the best firms.