Your wealth management firm can develop a successful system based on accountability and deliver massive value to the clients. However, that doesn’t require your RIA to work 365 days a year or meet with clients every day. With a proper structure in place, your RIAs can deliver effectively to your clients while improving accountability.

Remember that your RIA is a bridge between your firm and the client. Take proper measures to keep this bridge intact and functional.

How can your RIA improve accountability and deliver more value to the clients?

Be proactive, not reactive

RIAs are notoriously hard-wired as reactive fixers. They may want to provide a quick fix based on their technical knowledge and may forego the bigger picture. This attitude can seep into the way they react in their everyday lives when dealing with clients.

Your RIA is not at your client’s service 24/7.

When onboarding clients, set your expectations clearly early on. How often would your RIA meet them? What are your working hours? Have a system in place and inform the clients of that system to improve accountability.

Setting boundaries

If a lot of people are pushing your RIA in different directions, it will be hard for them to focus and they may eventually burn out.

Your RIA can improve accountability by setting boundaries. If your client cannot wait for the RIA to return their calls and emails, appointing an advisor who has a quick turnaround time can solve the problem. 

Meet in surges

According to a BlueSky Wealth survey, most high-level executive clients found quarterly meetings with their advisors excessive. They were too busy to attend the meetings and were relieved when offered less frequency.

However, not all clients are the same. Always try to keep your client’s preference in mind.

If your firm is dealing with a large number of clients, as a general rule of thumb, weekly or monthly meetings won’t cut work. It will eat up your RIA’s time and won’t be as effective. Instead, set aside a few months dedicated to client meetings. For example, if you are choosing November and December as the surge months, you can dedicate two whole days to each client.

Surge months can be super exhausting but at the end of the two months, your clients will be up to date with current statuses and future timelines.

Reiterate the value you are bringing

RIAs may at times simply send get on a quick phone call and let the clients know that they are keeping a close eye on the market or they are available if the client has any questions.

Efficient RIAs demonstrate value to the clients in a way that the client truly understands why they are paying them. For example, your RIA can say “I reviewed your tax returns, and here are 1-2 things that will happen for you,” “When setting up your business expenses, here is a checklist of things you need to keep in mind.”

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