A relationship manager or an advisor is the front face or the primary contact person for the existing and potential clients. A relationship manager manages the clients, keeps the communication channels open, and actively solves problems.

As this position is crucial in securing future clients and maintaining relationships between existing clients, it is no wonder organizations take their time filling this role.

If your finance or wealth management company recently hired a relationship manager, here are six signs you hired the right person.

1. They have a clear understanding of the client’s business

What distinguishes great relationship managers from average is their desire or tendency to serve people. A large part of a relationship manager’s success lies in fulfilling the clients’ needs. If you hired a person who is willing to invest the time to get to know the ins and out of the client’s business, you have made the right decision.

2. Client’s trust them

Building trust with your clients is crucial to your business’s success. A great relationship manager values trust and honesty in their relationships. They stay transparent throughout the process – from the first meeting to onboarding the clients with the firm. If the person you hired gets complaints and then doesn’t own up to them, you should let them go.

3. Client’s view them as their own personal CFO

In today’s digital world where people suffer from shorter attention spans and constant distractions, achieving clear communication is invaluable. A great relationship manager tells the clients exactly how the product or service is the right fit for them. They can find the right fit because they listen first. They understand the needs of the client first and foremost.

4. They have a deep understanding of the products and markets

The best relationship managers have a deep understanding of the products and markets. They are able to find the right combination for clients because they know what products are the best fit for the client needs and the current market conditions. They are able to leverage this insight to help their clients make progress on their goals.

5. They are problem solvers

Problems arise even when two people work together. Your private client advisor firm can run into several internal problems and other problems out of their control. A great relationship manager considers these issues and finds alternative solutions to keep the business going. They keep everyone in the loop.

A great relationship manager or advisor can do wonders for your firm. Are you looking to fill this position soon but haven’t found the right fit? Avior Search specializes in connecting you with qualified individuals who can make a real difference in your team.