It’s not uncommon to feel a lack of motivation or boredom in your job. It becomes a worrying sign when the feeling is consistent. Maybe it is time to move on to your next venture.

While the wealth management industry can be challenging, if you are not in the right role, you won’t enjoy your work and the challenges will feel like a burden.

How to know it’s time to switch jobs in the wealth management industry? Let’s find out 5 reasons.

1.You feel a lack of energy

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel motivated to work or deflated? This could be a sign that your job is not rewarding anymore.

2.You feel undervalued

In his book “Leadership Gold”, John Maxwell said, “people quit people, not companies.” It can be frustrating if you are undervalued by the management team or micromanaged. If you are putting in hard work, bringing in long-term clients, but are not rewarded for it, you may feel like your efforts are in vain. This can be discouraging. Nevertheless, if the management is stubborn, it may be time to look for a team where you will feel appreciated.

3.Your physical and mental health is affected

No job is worth it if it’s causing you physical or mental distress. If you are feeling stressed, burned out, and anxious due to your job, then these are all clear signs that it’s not the right place to be.

4.Your work environment is toxic

Nepotism, politics, and toxic employees make the working environment difficult for people who want to build their careers honestly. If it doesn’t align with your values, get out of there! Be clear on your values and priorities; if things don’t line up, take the brave step of leaving.

5.You aren’t growing

If you feel like your growth has become stagnant, it is a sign that things need a boost. If you have already spoken to your manager about additional duties and that didn’t work out, maybe your current role is no longer for you.

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