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Avior has built a proud reputation as the market leader in retained executive search for the global wealth management industry. It is a position we have established based on our unique focus on growth and the success of each of our prestigious clients.

The knowledge, reputation and respect that Avior has garnered within the international wealth market allow us to deliver a perfectly tailored and executed search assignment each and every time.



At the start of each search, we listen intently to the needs and wants of the client. Our goal is to learn who and what they are today and where they want to be tomorrow. Avior is not only a search firm but a trusted and valued advisor to our clients as well. Once we fully understand and gain the necessary knowledge of the firm's unique corporate culture and objectives we can move to the next step.



Upon gathering as much relevant data as possible regarding what is important to the firm on both a short and long term basis, we will then formulate a series of questions to make sure we fully understand the needs and desires of the client. It is our goal to present your value proposition within the marketplace in an honest, compelling and transparent manner.



After the extensive information gathering is completed and we have spoken in-depth with all of the relevant people within the organization, we will be ready to go to market with our blueprint. Our focus will be on identifying individuals within the global network of exceptional talent that Avior and its founder, Alan Goldstein communicate with every single day. We are in constant communication with our clients and wholeheartedly welcome their feedback.



At Avior, we finish what we start. We serve as the intermediaries throughout the interview and negotiation process. Just because the terms have been agreed upon, it doesn't mean it's the end of our commitment to our client. In fact, it is only the beginning and/or continuation of a long-term commitment to our client's overall strategic growth.